Character Introduction-Herja, the Death Knight

I wrote this some time ago, as a sort of basic introduction to my idea of the personality behind this character. Since she’s going to get development over the series, I don’t think there’s too much need to post more about her past, besides this snippet.

Cool side note: the name Herja comes from the Old Norse herja and the Old High German herjon, which means ‘devastate’.  The Proto-Germanic word that these derive from, Herjaza, is also linked to a Continental Germanic goddess, Hariasa. I took this name for my DK because, besides meaning ‘devastate’, which is far too good of a meaning to pass up, it’s also the name of a valkyrie! Pretty cool huh?

She used to be a sentinel.  She prided herself in serving her people for over two millennia, giving all of herself to the cause.  She didn’t search for a mate, had no children.  Her parents were still alive, but she never spoke to them, nor to her sibling.  Her family were her sisters.

She had always been a powerful woman, more so than most around her.  Many sentinels, while still very powerful, stayed at range with their glaives, yet she was not afraid to jump into the fray.  Her glaive suited her just fine in both ranged and hand to hand combat.  She was a flurry of silver, purple and red on the field. Her fierce and loyal nature caused her sisters to gravitate towards her, and binding them in even stronger loyalty and camaraderie.

It was that strong nature that saved her unit, and that same nature that caused her death.  Deployed to assist in the alliance’s battle against the undead, her unit was ambushed.  There was a small means of escape, a narrow passage between rock face, but it left their rear open to the undead menace.  She chose to stay behind, to allow her fellow sentinels to escape and to warn the rest of the forces.  The last she saw of them was her closest sister, a sentinel so bound to her that she realized that they had come to love one another.  But seeing her lover and her other comrades escape, she found the courage she needed to stay behind.  With tears of bittersweet joy and a mighty roar, she turned and held the passage.  She slew many before she was overwhelmed, and as she passed she felt at peace, knowing she gave her life for those who were important to her, feeling not only the joy from battle, but also from realizing she did find love, in the end.  Death was finally here for her, and she would accept it, willingly and happily, in exchange for her precious friends.

Yet, that peace did not last.  Ripped from rest, she was raised as one of the Lich King’s death knights.  Her fierce nature and her sacrifice on the battlefield kept the undead wave from taking the field, and the Lich King found great irony in raising one who thwarted his forces so, in order to make her slaughter the sentinels later.  Mindlessly serving him, as so many of the other death knights were forced to, she gladly helped destroy the scarlet forces.  When her memory began to return, slowly, she still could not recall her own name.  But what she could remember, like a word at the tip of her tongue, was the face of her sweet comrade.  As the death knights were freed at the battle of light’s hope chapel, she finally remembered fully her sisters, her sacrifice, and what she used to be.  She knew she could never return to that, knew that she could never have that life again.  She had been born anew, and she would carry those lessons of her former life with her, taking each step with purpose for more than just the sweet thrill of battle.  She would fight for her fellow death knights, for her former people, and for the alliance.  And she knew, if she had a choice, she’d lay down her life again, and would do it over and over, to protect those she loved.

She named herself Herja, taken from the language of the vyr’kul. It was the name of a Val’kyr of old, known as she who devastated.  She felt a kinship to this, as she was reborn into death, but fierce in life, bonded to her people both before and beyond the grave, and ready to sacrifice her life to protect them and to destroy the enemies that stood in her way.

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